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Everything your business needs to create stunning digital signage

Runs on a wide variety of devices

The MangoSigns player can be installed on readily available hardware, turning your Android, Windows, Fire TV and Chrome OS device into digital signs

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Automate your content with MangoSigns Apps and Integrations

MangoSigns works with tons of Applications you already use making it easy to display content you already have on your signs

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The best content creation and management tools

Our online digital signage content management system allows you to customize every aspect of your content and choose where and when it displays on your signs

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Use hardware that is readily available to power your screens

The MangoSign player software can be installed on a wide variety of hardware available worldwide.

  • Fire TV 4K Sticks (We do not recommend the Basic sticks)
  • Android TV Boxes and Devices (Android 8.0+ recommended)
  • Windows PCs and Compute Sticks (Windows 10 Recommended)
  • Chrome OS devices
  • Offline playback supported by all devices
  • Want to purchase something already preconfigured?
    Check out our MangoSign Box >
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Integrates with all of your favorite Apps

MangoSigns integrates with a growing list of Apps to help bring external content to your signs automatically

  • Show your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Posts
  • Display Google Documents such as Google Slides, Sheets and Docs
  • Show local news, weather and traffic
  • Customize every aspect and where the apps are located on your slides
Explore All Apps
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Google Drive App
Menu App
Facebook Digital Signage App
Google Slides App
News App
Twitter App
YouTube App
Weather App
Slack App
Instagram App
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Our powerful online template editor
gives you full design control

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Hundreds of Templates

Search through hundreds of carefully crafted templates created by our design team. Edit them right through your browser to personalize them for you.

New templates are constantly being added. Don't see one that you fits your needs? Let us know, and our design team can assist.

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Animate anything and everything

  • Make your content come alive with Entrance, Emphasis and Exit Animations
  • Text animations can animate individual letters or words
  • Preview exactly what the content will look like before sending to your signs
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Customize content to fit your brand

  • Choose fonts, colors and styles to deliver content that matches your brand
  • Apply effects and animations to give it flare
  • Our smart templates use your location, linked accounts, and brand settings automatically
  • MangoSigns animated and 3D backgrounds will ensure your signs stand out
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Powerful scheduling capabilities

  • Choose exactly where and when your content should play
  • Schedule content to play continuously daily, monthly, yearly and more
  • Override existing scheduled content, or intersperse with it
  • Play content based on custom conditions or triggers

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